Work for Praxis Pharmaceutical
An innovation and well-being-oriented company


Praxis Pharmaceutical is a company whose values are closely related to innovation and customer service. Praxis contributes to the well-being of society, improving people’s quality of life. Our company commercializes highly-innovative medicines and medical devices focusing particularly on wound healing, fulfilling the most rigorous regulatory and quality requirements.

Certain values and principles such as trust, openness, integrity, honesty and professional respect are essential in the way that Praxis personnel deal with internal (employees and collaborators) and external (society, suppliers, distributors, clients and partners) clients. Working for Praxis means embracing, defending and applying these values and principles in daily professional life.

The entire Praxis team shares the responsibility of respecting these values and principles when dealing with their internal and external clients.

Our values and principles define a responsibility to our profession and to our organisational culture, underpinning our conduct in our professional setting.

All Praxis employees take these values and principles on board and apply them to their daily profession activity, undertaking to adhere to the Company’s CODE OF CONDUCT.