Professional career
People are our main asset

Commitment to Human Talent Management

We have professionals who are highly qualified, totally committed and who engage in constant training and improvement, always ready to provide healthcare solutions in the therapeutic area of wound healing.

Praxis works with Human Talent Policies that are geared towards attracting and retaining talent and promoting internal and external Training and Skill-Building Plans ultimately intended to develop, nurture, motivate and guide the performance of our employees.

Young Talent at Praxis Pharmaceutical

Praxis’ Work Experience Programmes are actual examples of how employment opportunities can be created for young professionals.

We cooperate with different work experience programs that enable young professionals to get their first touch of the world of employment by doing work experience which provides them with valuable experience for their future professional development, while also promoting new occupational opportunities.



If you want to be part of our team, please send your resume to the following email address: