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Solutions that improve the well-being of patients with ulcers and wounds

Chronic wounds: a challenge for the health system

In Colombia, population structure has changed in recent years; according to the Dane, the percentage of people over the age of 60 years increased in the country, which means that we will have an increasingly more vulnerable population exposed to the threat of chronic diseases, which include vascular wounds.

Care for acute and chronic wounds poses several challenges to healthcare systems and to the people that develop them.

For the patients, living with a chronic wound has a negative effect on all levels, it impacts them physically due to the presence of constant pain, it limits mobility, causes sleep disorders and reduced appetite; in emotional terms, it causes anxiety, depression, anger, frustration and body image alterations; and socially, it can produce behaviours of isolation, partial or total loss of independence and a reduction in working capacity.

Products available in Colombia

Praxis Pharmaceutical Colombia directs all its efforts toward improving the well-being and quality of life of patients with ulcers and wounds by delivering effective solutions that fulfil the needs of these patients, their relatives and caregivers.

In Colombia, we are currently working with the following chronic or acute wound-healing products: Vulcosan® and Epiprot®.

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Material available only to health professionals in PRAXIS PROF.

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It is a sterile dressing ready for use, impregnated with a liquid solution of PHMB * Antimicrobial Complex. The solution serves for decontamination and prophylaxis of infection against microorganisms and for preventive protection against bacterial and fungal pathogens from acute or chronic wounds. The highly effective combination of Vulcosan® components dissolves the biofilm, cleans the wound and creates an optimal environment, favoring the formation of granulation tissue.